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  • Doubell and Aylard Families

    My Grandma’s side of the family (Doubell and Aylard) originate from the Hawkhurst and Ticehurst area. My Great Great Aunt Nellie Doubell lived in Hawkhurst until 1959. Does anyone know of any descendants of these families still living in the area? … read more

  • Information re Gilpin or Thring

    Does anybody know of Miss E D Gilpin and her mother she later married became Mrs E D Thring bred Italian Greyhounds 20s onwards died around 1961. … read more

  • Little Conghurst 1939

    Hi, looking for info on a Florence, Daisy and Frederick Thompson, who took in evacuees from London in 1939. My dad, Frank Newman was 10 when he was sent there with his older brother Gerry. Found some details from the 1939 census but would love to find out more about where they stayed. Thanks, Carol … read more

  • Jenner / Blackford

    In my ancesttry research I find that my Grandfather, Luke, John Blackford born 1862 was the illegitimate son of John Jenner and Caroline Blackford – Hense had the surname Blackford. Do I have any Jenner relatives descended from their LEGITIMATE sons & daughter – William Alfred born 1864, Mark Thomas born 1867 and Florence Javeny … read more

  • Evans Family in Hawkhurst

    I am researching my family history and wondered if anyone knows anything about the Evans family that lived in Hawkhurst in the 16 and 1700s. They were amongst other things Clothiers and Overseers. Many thanks, Trevor Monk … read more

  • Genealogical Resources

    Hello, my husband and I are planning a trip to the area this coming summer and are hoping to spend some time in the Sussex and Kent areas because that is where his family came from prior to emigrating to the US. Are there genealogical societies there or records offices that may have historical records … read more

  • Gun Green and Wenman family

    My husband’s WENMAN family lived in Hawkhurst from 1778 until at least 1931. For some of that time they lived at Gun Green. We have just discovered that Gun Green is so called because there was a Gun Foundry there. Can anyone tell us anything about the Gun Foundry? Does anyone have any links to … read more

  • Foster

    Are there any Foster’s still living in the area? My gggfather was born in Hawkhurst. … read more

  • 18th or early 19th c Cemetery?

    Is there a cemetery in Hawkhurst with gravestones from the late 18th or early 19th centuries and someone who has inventoried the gravestones? My husband is descended from Edward Winser and Elizabeth Russell of Hawkhurst. We will be in London this summer from the U.S. and would be interested in visiting family graves if any … read more

  • Chesson Family

    I am researching the Chesson family tree and would be pleased to hear from anyone who could help me. My direct line is from Cowden. I see from the 1881 census that there are Chesson cottages and wondered if Chesson’s built them as there are a lot of bricklayers in the family. Thank you. … read more


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The Homestead, Hawkhurst 1960s

I am trying to establish where a big house called the Homestead was located exactly. It had a huge garden … more

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