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Doubell and Aylard Families

My Grandma’s side of the family (Doubell and Aylard) originate from the Hawkhurst and Ticehurst area. My Great Great Aunt Nellie Doubell lived in Hawkhurst until 1959. Does anyone know of any descendants of these families still living in the area?

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    Regarding your enquiry about the Double and Aylard family. I sell a set of 4 historical booklets on Hawkhurst, called Historic Hawkhurst. They are packed full of old black and white photos with detailed captions. Booklet 3 entitled Then and Now makes mention of Doubell, and Nellie. They are written about with connection to one of the most historic parts of Hawkhurst – the Colonnade (a row of shops which is a totally unique feature with a lot of history).

    It reads:

    ‘The shopping arcade is the really remarkable feature of the Highgate Hawkhurst scene. It is recorded that the original row of white weatherboarded buildings of early Regency style were owned in the reign of George III by Richard Turner in 1768: they passed through the Turner family, then Hussey (1824) and were later acquired and developed by James Doubell in 1831. He died in 1870.

    Doubell was appointed in 1836 (on a surety of £200) as an agent for Phoenix Insurance to continue down the family until the last member, Nellie, who died in 1959. In Kelly’s Directories of 1839 and 1855, he is listed as bookseller, stationer, chemist and sub-distributor of stamps. The 1855 Trade Directory also enters two of his five sons, George (corn merchant) and William (grocer) as Auctioneers and Appraisers.’

    This is quite a connection to have with Hawkhurst as the colonnade is one of the most prominent historical features and totally unique. I hope this information is of use. If you search on this site for Historic Hawkhurst you will see a small amount of info on the booklets which I sell as a set or individually. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like further information – [reveal email]

    Joanna Davis

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