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  • Field Green Cottage

    I am looking for some information on Field Green Cottage in 1936. Was it a home for unmarried mothers? Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance. … read more

  • Gun Green and Wenman family

    My husband’s WENMAN family lived in Hawkhurst from 1778 until at least 1931. For some of that time they lived at Gun Green. We have just discovered that Gun Green is so called because there was a Gun Foundry there. Can anyone tell us anything about the Gun Foundry? Does anyone have any links to … read more

  • Local History – Frewens and Lords

    Hello there. I’m a descendant of the Lord family who were rectors in Northiam for so many years, and I’ve heard with amusement of the long-standing feud between the Lords and the Frewens. I just wondered if by any chance any local history enthusiast could put any flesh on the bones of that story? A … read more

  • Grocer Name of Henry Mason in 1920s

    Currently researching a decorated wartime Squadron Leader (P W Mason), whose father, I understand, was a grocer in Hawkhurst in the mid to late 1920s. Any information on the grocer, his shop, if he had one, would be gratefully received, and enable me to flesh out his childhood. … read more

  • New Lodge Farm

    I am trying to locate a New Lodge Farm in Hawkhurst. My great-grandparents are listed as living there around 1917 / 18 when my great-uncle died in WW1. My great-grandfather was a gardener by trade, so it’s possible he moved from his Dorset home to work in the area. I can’t find the farm on … read more

  • TB Darvill Hall Hospital

    I am trying to find information on Darvill Hall. My father was a patient there between 1957-1959 and would like to make contact with other patients that were there at the same time. Any information would be gratefully received. Mandy. … read more

  • Comports of Northiam

    The Comports of Northiam were I believe Agricultural Engineers, in the 19th Century they produced Hop Tokens for local farmers, recording transactions in their Ledgers. In the late 1930s the Rev Acworth viewed these ledgers and recorded some of the results. I am interested in finding out any information about these ledgers or any Hop … read more

  • British Resistance / Auxiliary Units

    I belong to a group (BRA/CART) who are researching the secret British Resistance Organisation named Auxiliary Units that were formed in 1940 to harass and delay the German invaders if they had come. Mountfield had a small group of about 7 men who were trained to act as guerillas and use explosives etc. I would … read more

  • Solomon’s Garden Staplecross

    My great great grandmother Mary Ann Watkins used to live at Solomon’s Garden in the very early twentieth century and I believe her daughter Ellen Streeter Pattenden ran a local village shop until she emigrated to Canada. I’d be very interested to know if anyone has local history information relating to my family and the … read more

  • St Mary’s Church Northiam History

    I am an nearly retired architect undertaking a postgraduate course in building conservation. Our latest course work is to write an illustrated essay on a medieval church with Victorian alterations.I am looking for historical information on St Mary’s and should be glad someone could advise me where to start looking for information. Many Thanks. … read more

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The Homestead, Hawkhurst 1960s

I am trying to establish where a big house called the Homestead was located exactly. It had a huge garden … more

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