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Perigo Family

I have been trying to track down the Perigo family. I believe they came from Hawkhurst and they go back to at least the 17th century. My great, great, great grandparents were Richard and Elizabeth Perrigo who lived near Dorchester. I know there is an undertaker called Perigoe in Hawkhurst. I have found some relations on genes reunited. Can anyone help please?

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    I may have some information which might be of interest to you re the East Sussex Perigo family. My grandmother was a Perigo and her grandfather was Captain George Jenkins Perigo, originally from East Sussex. There is extensive family information available on Tribal Pages website but if you let me have a contact number, I can give you further details if you have trouble accessing the information.


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    Hi Ruth,

    Thank you for the information on the Perigo family. My phone number is 07593 838 901. I will, however, look at the tribal pages website. It could turn out that we are related.

    Kind regards,

    Gill Barnes

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